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¿Es realmente Windows 10 gratis? — 12 junio, 2015

¿Es realmente Windows 10 gratis?

Hola a todos, este pequeño artículo lo quiero dedicar a todas las personas que aun tienen dudas de si deben actualizar su Sistema Operativo actual a Windows 10, pues bien, se me ocurrió preguntarle a través de Facebook a Microsoft si esto era realmente cierto. Sigue leyendo

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[ENG] Xiaomi Mi3, one year after use — 4 junio, 2015

[ENG] Xiaomi Mi3, one year after use


Today I want to share with you my personal appreciation of the Xiaomi Mi3, one of the popular phones from Chinese Xiaomi brand, which is currently in an era of long boom due to its spectacular sales online and its quality/price ratio.

I decided to buy this phone because of the good comments that listened and looked at famous YouTube channels like Andro4all and El Androide Libre that mentioned the brand continuously and that it stood out for their good technical specifications, and the video that marked my decision was when the big G logo made the comparison between the Mi3 and Nexus 5, which at the time was the ship.

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